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Dundas Jafine 2C234ZW Tube Clamp Lambro 283 Dryer Tube Clamp Lambro 284L Worm Gear Clamp
For use with flexible ducts.  Also feature a quick-release self-locking clasp. Used for secure connection to flexible aluminum duct. Used for secure connection to flexible aluminum duct.
Lambro 253 Standard Economy Clamp Ajax 5361 All Purpose Cleaner Dundas Jafine LC4WZW Exhaust Cap
Lambro Economy Clamp, Standard, 3 - 4 in, Plastic Use to clean all around the house. Contains bleach for an extra cleaning power. Scratch free. Features a louver damper system that prevents cold air, snow or rain from entering the home. Redesigned to prevent them from sticking. Recessed caulk line to assist in a clean caulking application. UV resistant coating to prevent the cap from discoloring and are paintable. These caps can be used in conjunction with brick, concrete or siding.
Dundas Jafine MC4ZW Worm Gear Clamp Glade 73343 Air Freshener Lambro 2541L Tension Clamp
Ideal for use with semi-rigid or rigid aluminum ducts. For fastening ducts to aluminum pipes or elbows. Blended with natural fragrance oils to create inviting fragrances for the home. Effectively counters lingering cooking smells. Lambro Tension Clamp, 4 in
Our Price: $1.49
Use to remove latex paint, adhesives, grime, grease, gunk and oil from hands and surfaces. The Pro-Klean moisturizing formula penetrates tough messes for a deep down clean. Contain vitamin E and aloe to help soften skin, removing most odors and stains with no harsh chemicals. Dual-scrubbing action. Rough scrubbing side removes stuck-on residue and grime. Smooth side is gentle enough to clean hands, face and arms. Resealable pack. 9.8in x 8.2in. Add fragrance to your living room, bedroom, busy bathroom, kitchen and other rooms. Delivers adjustable fragrance settings to meet your needs. Enjoy a variety of fragrances infused with essential oils. Fragrances sold separately. Can be used to vent most types of heating units. Features an all aluminum 4 piece construction and is fully adjustable to 90 degree. Includes one crimped end and one solid end to ease assembly.
Dundas Jafine P4E20ZW Heavy Gauge Dryer Vent Pipe Lava 10085/290098 Hand Soap Lambro 244 Tubing Connector
Can be used for venting most types of heating units. Features an easy to close snap lock system. Lava Hand Soap, Heavy Duty, Lava, 5.75 oz Capacity, Solid, Green, Perfumed Odor/Scent, 10.3 pH, 1.18 Specific Gravity For flexible aluminum duct.
Lambro 2841 Worm Gear Clamp Lambro 246 Flexible Duct Connector Lambro 235 Vent Reducer/Increaser
Used for secure connection to flexible aluminum duct. For flexible aluminum duct. Increases from 3" to 4" and reduces from 4" to 3".
SuperTuff 10801 Colored Knit Rag SOAP SOFT CRISP CLEAN 11.25OZ Colgate Palmolive Softsoap 26012 Non-Antibacterial Hand Soap
Pre-cut rags. Absorbent. Use throughout the home, office, marine and industry. Reusable and machine washable. Use for staining, polishing, cleaning and faux finishing. Formulated with moisturizers that leaves your skin feeling soft and protected. Dermatologist tested. With pure Aloe Vera extract, cleans gently. Concentrated, a few drops provide a rich cleansing lather. Light moisturizers help keep skin feeling smooth and soft. Quickly cuts through soils on skin. Rinses free fast for a squeaky-clean feeling. Gentle, will not strip skin of natural oils. Preservative system helps prevent microbial contamination.
Colgate Palmolive Softsoap Aquarium Series 26800 Hand Soap Air Wick 78046 Long Lasting Air Freshener Dispenser Goo Gone 2092 Problem Cleaner
Concentrated, a few drops provide a rich cleansing lather. Light moisturizers help keep skin feeling smooth and soft. Quickly cuts through soils on skin. Gentle will not strip skin of natural oils. Clear soap, Aquarium. Scented oil base warmer unit to be used with long lasting refills made of discreet frosted glass. Includes 1 warmer unit. For refills use (SKU 166.0224) Apple Cinnamon Medley, (SKU 441.6087) Vanilla Passion, and (SKU 837.8689), Lavender and Chamomile. Carded - .71 Oz. Removes stickers, grease, gum, tar, crayon, and tape. For all your sticky, icky, gummy, gooey problems.
DL Permatex Blue Label Hand Cleaner Amrep ZU112032 Zep Glass Cleaner CLOTH LENS CLEAN GRAY 7 X 6
Gentle to hands. Cream formula waterless hand cleaner. Does not leave greasy feeling. Use for oil, grease, tar, grime, soil, resins, printers' ink, epoxies, paint, rubber cement, gaskets and tile cement. Ready-to-use, heavy duty glass cleaner. Removes film, greasy fingerprints, bugs, lipstick and other soils. Reusable lens cleaning cloth is ideal for cleaning all types of lenses - eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, cameras, binoculars, and more. 3M's unique super-soft micro-texture effectively cleans without scratching delicate lenses. The cloth is machine washable and safe on virtually any surface in the home - wood, glass, chrome, and collectibles - without any need for chemical sprays or polishes. 6.3" L x 7.1" W. Color: Gray.
Favor 73617 Furniture Polish Clorox 12587 Handi Wipes Wiping Cloths Clorox 03083 Formula 409 Kitchen Cleaner
Cleans and leaves a high shine. Contains a blend of ingredients that helps to resist smears and fingerprints. Great for dusting, cleaning, and shining a variety of home surfaces including natural and artificial wood furniture, paneling, kitchen surfaces, leather and vinyl. Aerosol. Reusable, multipurpose absorbent cloths are for wiping, cleaning, and scrubbing kitchens, countertops and bathrooms. Disinfecting power that kills harmful kitchen bacteria. Use on hard nonporous, non-food contact surfaces. Streak-free.
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