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Lambro 283 Dryer Tube Clamp Lambro 284L Worm Gear Clamp Lambro 253 Standard Economy Clamp
Used for secure connection to flexible aluminum duct. Used for secure connection to flexible aluminum duct. Lambro Economy Clamp, Standard, 3 - 4 in, Plastic
Dundas Jafine MC4ZW Worm Gear Clamp Lambro 2541L Tension Clamp Dundas Jafine 2C234ZW Tube Clamp
Ideal for use with semi-rigid or rigid aluminum ducts. For fastening ducts to aluminum pipes or elbows. Lambro Tension Clamp, 4 in For use with flexible ducts.  Also feature a quick-release self-locking clasp.
Lambro 244 Tubing Connector Lambro 2841 Worm Gear Clamp Lambro 246 Flexible Duct Connector
For flexible aluminum duct. Used for secure connection to flexible aluminum duct. For flexible aluminum duct.
Lambro 235 Vent Reducer/Increaser Goo Gone 2092 Problem Cleaner Favor 73617 Furniture Polish
Increases from 3" to 4" and reduces from 4" to 3". Removes stickers, grease, gum, tar, crayon, and tape. For all your sticky, icky, gummy, gooey problems. Cleans and leaves a high shine. Contains a blend of ingredients that helps to resist smears and fingerprints. Great for dusting, cleaning, and shining a variety of home surfaces including natural and artificial wood furniture, paneling, kitchen surfaces, leather and vinyl. Aerosol.
Lambro 2676W Dryer Vent Hood Lambro 2677B Hood/Face Lambro 3801 Worm Gear Clamp
Includes face only. Includes face only. Used for secure connection to flexible aluminum duct.
Lambro 2300 Adjustable Vent Elbow Dundas Jafine P4E20ZW Heavy Gauge Dryer Vent Pipe Dundas Jafine E4E24ZW Vent Elbow
Lambro Vent Elbow, Adjustable, Suitable For Use With: Duct, 3 in, Aluminum Snap lock pipe can be used for venting most types of heating units. Features an easy to close snap lock system. Can be used to vent most types of heating units. Features an all aluminum 4 piece construction and is fully adjustable to 90 degree. Includes one crimped end and one solid end to ease assembly.
Lambro 2310 Adjustable Vent Elbow Murphy Original Convenient Oil Soap Builders Best 110113 Dryer Vent Hood
Lambro Vent Elbow, Adjustable, Suitable For Use With: Duct, 4 in, Aluminum Cleans away dust, grease, grime and wax build up to reveal wood's natural beauty. Use on wood tables, chairs, wood cabinets, doors, painted wood furniture, and wood floors. Thicker and more durable. 4" x 10.5" Fully assembled, riveted tailpipe, backdraft flapper. Wide mouth for excellent airflow.
Goo Gone GG12 Cleaner Lambro 250 Vent Increaser Lambro 251 Vent Reducer
For those icky, sticky, gummy, gooey, greasy, cleaning problems. Eliminates the toughest cleaning problems. Gets out chewing gum, grease, blood and countless other tough stains. Increases from 3" to 4". Lambro Vent Reducer, 4 X 3 in
Scotts WWP1 Wood Polishing Cloth Liquid Gold WWA2 Ready-To-Use Wood Wash Concentrate Dundas Jafine LC4WZW Exhaust Cap
For use on wood, vinyl and leather. Removes dust, fingerprints, and smudges. Pre-moistened. Enhances wood's richness. Leaves no oily or dulling residue. Great for use between applications of liquid gold wood cleaner and preservative. Canister. Cleans grease and grime without dulling residue. Features a louver damper system that prevents cold air, snow or rain from entering the home. Redesigned to prevent them from sticking. Recessed caulk line to assist in a clean caulking application. UV resistant coating to prevent the cap from discoloring and are paintable. These caps can be used in conjunction with brick, concrete or siding.
Guardsman 405200 Reusable Ring and Mark Remover Cloth WINDOW PLATE ALUM 12X18IN     Lambro 267W Wall Mount Dryer Vent Hood
Eliminates water, heat, and other marks from wood finishes. 4" Mounting hole. Opening/closing flaps prevents outside elements from entering the vent. UV inhibitor is used to help prevent the premature fading of vent. (1) ? 4" White plastic louvered vent with 11" tail pipe, (1) ? 4" White plastic trim plate.
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